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     Have you ever had a box of See's chocolates?  The soft centers?
     Life is like a one pound box of soft centers.  You open it up and there are so many possibilities, so many flavors like fudge, raspberry, strawberry. divinity, and that one that starts with a "b" -bordouve or something like that.  And when you pop it into your mouth and chew through the chocolate and you taste the strawberry you can't help but smile.  Esspecially because strawberry's pretty rare and really good.  I get the "b" ones a lot.  They taste good though.  My mommy likes them a lot.
     And whenever I pick up a strawberry my sister immediately picks up an identical piece, but it mever turns out to be strawberry.  Usually it's fudge which is okay but kinda plain.  Or cocnut which she likes but i don't.  And somethimes it's peanut butter and normally i like peanut butter but this stuff tastes like acid like the school drinking fountains.
     But even worse than peanut butter are the toffees and coffees.  One time i was splitting a box of soft centers with my sister and since i bought the box i figured it was okay for me to grab one without telling her but it turned out to be coffee!  I swallowed it quickly and took another but that one was toffee!  On the third try i finally got raspberry.
     You see at that point I was trying to break them in half first so i could see what was the flavor without having to taste it but you just can't cheat life like that.  Those things are impossible to break in half and if you do it gets crushed and crumbles all over your fingers and the filling squirts out so you have to eat it off your fingers before you make an even bigger mess.
     But after picking chocolates for a while you develop philosophies and intuitions and you can sorta guess which ones you should eat and which ones you shouldn't.  And some people might be really good at spotting strawberries and some people might be cursed to a bunch of coffees but it doesn't matter because you can always buy anotherbox.
     But you can't buy another life.  So pick your chocolates carefully and don't leave half of them to rot or be thrown away.  There's always at least one strawberry so push your way through those coffees to find it because if you are eating only coffees then at least you know you'r getting them out of the way.  And if you already ate the strawberries there are still the divinities and those "b" ones left.  So eat heartily and don't rush because when the wrappers are empty the box is too.
okay the actual title is life is like a box of chocolates but it didn't fit oh and i'm not too happy with the ending so if you have any advice . . .
i don't know i just noticed the similarities when i was eating a box of chocolates so i wrote about. i need to write more
yeah so this is vignette style but i used a lot of grammar in this one for more vignettes or explanationof vignettes or less grammar please see my other vignette here [link]
well yeah, this was pretty much written for cuz he needs some strawberries . . . and hugs :hug:
confused? then stop listening to me ramble and read the prose hehe have a nice day
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coconuttree Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2004
Wow, such nice philosophy. :O It's really interesting to read your reasonings. Plus I love the preview picture or whatever you call it. It makes me drooollll.
sunflower-eyes Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2004
thank you hehe yeah it makes me hungry too.
faroresama Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2004
mmm...I like your vignettes, emily! Usually I don't like them, but yours are good! I couldn't see the screenshot, browser died on me. But yes, a very good philosophy.
sunflower-eyes Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2004
thank you!
don't worry the preview is just a box of softcenters that i got from the latin club woohoo!
faroresama Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2004
from latin--sweet!
Detangler Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2004
yay! hugs and strawberries! chocolates and life... yeah I like this prose-thingy!
because life's too short and chocolate-boxes are too small :hug:
so.. its for me? :heart: thank you, Emily; you're so sweet and awesome :smooch: :blush:
its a good philosophy you've got there and I hope that you get loads of strawberries :+favlove:
sunflower-eyes Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2004
yay! yep, it's for you! you're welcome! :hug: :smooch: :hug:
thanks for the compliments and the fav and everything and i'm glad you like it! :hug:
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